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      2012-09-18 19:25:40

      Again with the center of the Hexagon Chart at “1” notice that 7,19,37,61,91,127,169,217,271,331, and 397 are all on this direct angle and are important points in time measurement . Beginning with “1” and following the other angle , note that 2,9,22,41,66,97,134,177,226,281, and 342 are all on a same angle of 90*, or an angle of 60* and 240* as measured by the Hexagon Chart .

      再次通過中心點就是六邊型圖的1這個位置,注意7,19,37,61,91,127,169,217,271,331,和397都在這個方向的角度上,這些點是測量時間循環的重要位置??!從1開始,跟隨著其他的角度,標定2,9,22,41,66,97,134,177,226,281,和342,都是同樣規則的落在90度角上,或者60度和240角上 。

       Go over this Chart and the important angles each way and you will see why the resistance is met either on days, weeks, months or years, and why stocks stop and make tops and bottoms at these strong important points according to time.


      When any stock has passed out above 120* or especially above 127* or 127 points and gone out of the square of the first Hexagon , its fluctuations will be more rapid and it will move faster up and down . Notice near the center that in traveling from 66 to 7 you strike the angle of 180* or 90* , but when the stock gets out to 162,it can travel up to 169 before striking another strong angle . That is why fast moves occur up and down as stocks get higher and as they move from a center of time.

      當一些股票的價格通過并超越了120度,特別是超越了127度和127點并且跳出了第一個六邊形中的方形 ,它的波動將變的更快速瘋狂,更加快速的漲跌??!注意在中心附近從66滑到7,你將撞擊180度或90度,但是當股票跳過162去,在撞上另外一個強的角度之前他們可以達到169 ,這就是股票從時間的中心開始運動并為什么在比較高的價格上發生快速上下運動的原因。 (注釋:這段可能翻譯不夠準確,但大致意思基本可以肯定)

       Remember that everything seeks the center of gravity and important tops and bottoms are formed according to centers and measurements of time from a center , base or beginning point , either top or bottom .The angles formed going straight up and across ,may form just the same going across as the stock travels over for days, weeks, months or years .Thus , a stock going up to 22.5 would strike an angle of 22.5 * .and the higher it is when those angles are struck and the angle it hits going up , the greater the resistance to be met . Reverse that rule going down.
      記住,任何事情都是要尋找一個引力中心,重要的頂和底的形成都是遵照一個價格中心和一個可測量的時間中心點,一個基準或起點,或者某個頂部和底部,一個角度形成直接的向上或者穿越交叉, 可能形成一個同樣的在股票運行的日,周,月,和年的穿越和交叉。因而當一個股票越過22.5,將打穿一個22.5的角度,而當那些角度被打破股票就會漲的更高,那么就會碰到更大的阻力,下跌過程的法則剛好相反。

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